NICE Pathways is an interactive tool for health and social care professionals providing fast access to NICE guidance and associated products
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NICE Pathways covers clinical guidelines, technology appraisals, public health and social care advice, quality standards and implementation tools
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NICE Pathways provides a useful starting point for new users to a topic, whilst giving specialists easy access to updated recommendations
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NICE Pathways is for anyone who needs to use NICE guidance. It brings together all related NICE products on a topic in a simple-to-read user-friendly interface
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NICE Pathways: guidance at your fingertips

Our online tool provides quick and easy access, topic by topic, to the range of guidance from NICE, including quality standards, technology appraisals, clinical and public health guidance and NICE implementation tools. Simple to navigate, NICE Pathways allows you to explore in increasing detail NICE recommendations and advice, giving you confidence that you are up to date with everything we have recommended.

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Using NICE Pathways

View the NICE pathways video to get an overview of the features and content within the site. More detailed information is in the NICE Pathways help

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